About Us

“ Sights and sounds, stories and dreams, the culture of people, the secrets of streets. Show me the irony and tell me the tales, how this place has grown and how it made you change. ”

– Wanderer

Along our path as wanderers we went up mountains, swam beside beaches and rode along highways. Then we ate at roadside towns, heard about faith and visited shrines. To dive deeper we met people, stayed in their villages, worked with them, shared food in a plate and then… finally, found love. To share this love, which comes from the land, its peoples, the music they make and the food they craft; with fellow beings and travelers became a goal. We called it UnCrushedLeaves

India is vast and with unimaginable diversity in topography and culture. Much of it is lies unexplored and less experienced, as most of it remains unknown. We at UnCrushedLeaves, want to unravel such places in India, for the world to know & experience. This marks the start of our journey to Explore & Experience India and bring out "the Untold". We believe our journey is itself rewarding but want to share this joy by helping the world to experience India as is. Together lets travel.

"UnCrushed Leaves" is an endeavor of a few who, by their nature of being, have adapted themselves to their surroundings. They are not wanderers but seekers, who soak in the places they visit. They pull out experiences, which more often than not, are redeeming.

"UnCrushed Leaves" is an attempt to get one closer to such experiences & more.


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