UnCrushedLeaves Scholarships

The Genesis

At UnCrushedLeaves we keep thinking about ways to create a positive change, albeit small, in any action that we do; as an organization or as a community of travelers. UnCrushedLeaves Himalayan Marathon is born out of one such initiative to promote healthy living and Eco-tourism among our travelers.

A Simple Question

Little did we know that while conducting our 1st Himalayan Marathon, that we would get moved by simple query of kids around. Inquisitive kids, in Jibhi, asked us "Is mere running up and down the hill - a sport?". We were so thrilled with their eagerness that decided to roll out a Scholarship for the kids who participate in Himalayan Marathons. In order to promote the new Sports of Marathon to them.

UnCrushedLeaves Scholarship is born

UnCrushedLeaves Scholarship aims to promote sports among the kids in remote parts of India. Under the Scholarship, UnCrushedLeaves takes up the education fee for entire one year of the kids finishing the race on the Podium.

Scholarship Winners


Yamuna Tek Thakur

Bib no. 1025
Winner in 10kms female category
G.S.S. School, Jibhi, Kullu
Sony Teja Singh

Sony Teja Singh

Bib no. 5025
Winner in 5kms female category
G.S.S. School, Jibhi, Kullu
Sonia Jeetram

Sonia Jeetram

Bib no. 1018
Runner up 10Km female category
G.S.S. School, Jibhi, Kullu

Easy Rules

  1. Kids must be aged 15 years or less.
  2. Male and female kids are eligible to participate.
  3. Must be enrolled and be regular at the in local Government school in the area where Marathon is scheduled.
  4. Kids have to participate in the Marathon.
  5. All participating kids need to be mandatory referred by the school authorities or by their parents/guardians.
  6. Marathon Registration fee for such kids is sponsored either by UnCrushedLeaves or UcL Patrons or UcL Sponsors.
  7. For the year 2018, first three kids, finishing the marathon on podium, are eligible for the UnCrushedLeaves Scholarship.

Want to get in touch

If the idea of UnCrushedLeaves Scholarships excites you. Do get in touch with us by emailing to reach@uncrushedleaves.com. You may be the School Principle, a curious traveler, a conscious citizen or a corporate sponsors, we would love to hear from all.