Who We Are

“UnCrushed Leaves” is an endeavor of a few who, by their nature of being, have adapted themselves to their surroundings. They are not wanderers but seekers, who soak in the places they visit. They pull out experiences, which more often than not, are redeeming.

“UnCrushed Leaves” is an attempt to get one closer to such experiences & more.


I love to travel.

I firmly believe that travel makes us wiser. We travel to places, through culture, via music, with people. Food tells a story. Each day is new, introduces us to new experiences and ideas. It challenges us to absorb and adapt every day. Concepts and philosophies shaped by nature. Think about an Arctic dweller trying to imagine the Sahara. The most intriguing of all are us, the people; the most absorbent of all entities. We are shaped by geography, history, sociology, mythology, pedagogy and have the most interesting stories to share.

I find joy in the wondrous little nuances that we observe. I like to share this joy with ones I care for. I feel I care a bit for everyone. Hence, this endeavor to explore and share our experiences.

Let loose the imagination, give it wings and yet, the world will show us more!

Wanderer & Writer

Mystery is exciting and more is the process of unraveling it. Traveling is one such mystery and unraveling it ensures one accumulates fascinating experiences. Sharing our thoughts with travelers so that they can have a life time experience and make most of their traveling moments - memorable, made me embark on the journey to explore and be part of UnCrushedLeaves.

Working with UnCrushedLeaves provides one an option to have a different take on life and people. UnCrushedLeaves gave me opportunity to work with amazing people and meet awesome travelers, who on their journey to discover places, end up discovering themselves. Love to be part of this Journey.